I want to congratulate Anne and Ski on their newly earned MACH title! Ski is a thrilling dog to watch on course, and she and Anne make a wonderful team that people stop in their tracks to watch run! Anne is truly one of the most supportive and positive competitors out there, while being also very competitive. Anne is the first person to cheer on other folks, even if they are directly competing against her; she is a true sportswoman! I wish there were more people like her out there.

- Melanie Behrens, New York, Contact Agility Club

Matilde and I want to congratulate you on your succuss in Belgium. I kept on reading about all your events and was so very pleased to hear how ell you nad Ski performed. We hope that you will return to Wag It for additional training, as we love working with you.

- Sandy Coleman, Winterport, ME

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the seminar. We haven't really been "challenged" since Brenda Buja stopped teaching and it was so much fun to really have to push ourselves and learn something new again. Sure do wish you were a bit closer to Rochester - I can guarantee you'd have us as regular students! As it is, I'll definitely be watching out for more opportunities like this...

- Lisa Cadieux, Rochester, NH

I just wanted to share how much the folks up here enjoyed having Anne for the seminar this weekend. I am getting great feedback from the participants . We had a great time and are so happy we can share her. Can't wait to do it again.

- Sumac Grant-Johnson, Wag It Training Center, Lincolnville, ME

After attending several obedience classes and some beginner agility classes with other instructors, I can say without a doubt you are an excellent instructor. (The best I have ever had). You show interest in each of your students and adapt your lessons to our individual skill levels. You’re matter of fact and clearly explain exactly what we are to learn. You always have time to clarify instructions, give pointers on how to better handle our dogs, and give constructive criticism to stop bad handling habits before they become our norm. Your instructions are consistent so it is easy to pick up from where the previous class left off. I am proud to be one of your students and have recommended you to many of my friends who have expressed interest in agility.

- Norma Wilkins Gross, Buxton, ME

What a great teacher you were this weekend...the courses were just what I needed to get my butt in action and get to work with my dog. Thanks for the great seminar.

- Randi Barrett, Wolcott, VT, NOMAD Agility Club

Thank you so much for the weekend. Still trying to digest. Can't wait til you come back!

- Carolyn McKinney, Morrisville, VT, NOMAD Agility Club

I want you to know that you are the most favorite trainer we have had! I like your non-judgemental way and both Heidi and Atlas have learned so much from agility. We use it all the time in everyday life.

- Amy Douglass, Buxton, ME

I want to take this time to thank you for your instruction and help throughout 2008. Your teaching and encouragement has helped Bugg and I become strong teammates. You have always been available with help and insight, you think positively, have a great sense of humor and you are honest to your students.

- Dawn, Casco, ME

We've had Anne come and do several seminars and she's an absolute pleasure to work with; she challenges everyone to push their handling to a new level. Anne's positive outlook, enthusiasm and attention to detail ensures that every dog/handler team learns something new while still having fun!

- LEAP Agility Club of Central MA

I've been to 5-6 seminars with Anne and I always come away feeling like I'm a better handler and dog trainer afterward. She's got a great attitude and is a skilled teacher no matter what your skill level is!

- Carolyn West, Indianapolis, IN

I have been fortunate enough to participate in two seminars with Anne. Anne understands how to be effective in a seminar. While she offers one-on-one individualized instruction, she also addresses the group so they understand the learning points she is making. She is gifted in her ability to observe the real technical details as to how a team is working and suggest improvement opportunities. She uses her humor and positive "you can do it attitude" to really motivate folks. And she is a great coach. After the seminars we were at the same trial. She saw my run and gave me suggestions that worked that day and continue to work whenever I trial!!

Joan Pivorun, Charlton, NY

In November 2009, Bugg and I earned our MACH and qualified for the AKC Nationals, due in large part to Anne's high level of instruction, encouragement and her belief in us as a team. On to our ADCH!

- Dawn, Casco, ME

On behalf of the club I want to thank you so much. I have heard such great feedback on your seminars. You are gifted in providing both the big picture as well as the technical fine points to really improve handling.

- Jazz Agility Club, Upstate NY

I really enjoyed your seminars--both days. Both Novice and Master's were challenging and fun and you were great. I am always amazed when a teacher/presenter can stay upbeat and positive with a diverse range of students with varying skills and still be supportive and cheerful at the end of the day. You were all of the those things.

- Carolyn McKinney, Morrisville, VT, NOMAD Agility Club

So nice to see you sharing your training expertise and tips in Clean Run. Tips and a feature! I'll be studying the Front Cross footwork!

- Russel Thorpe, Kingston, NY

I was looking at some back issues of Clean Run today and there was someone who wrote in and asked about what she should do to prepare for the nationals. I thought your answer was great and very encouraging.

- Jocelyn Kurdzionak, Lenox, MA

I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed and learned from your seminar yesterday that you did for LEAP. You made things so clear and easy for me to understand.

- Jocelyn Kurdzionak, Lenox, MA

What an amazing World's you had! I can't believe the amount of stress that was going on with towed vehicles, your erroneously faulted clean Biathalon Jumpers, etc... You were amazing and held up to the pressure like a pro!

- Lo Baker, BARK! Agility, NH

Your courses were great for testing and learning. Your observations and suggestions were helpful--You made both working my own dogs and listening to your comments on other dogs a great learning experience.

- Carolyn McKinney, Morrisville, VT, NOMAD Agility Club

I wanted to thank you for the really great seminar you did at Grand Blanc! I learned so much that I could ACTUALLY use at our next trial, and that is a first for me. Last weekend when I messed up and sent Katie over an off course jump I was able to immediately recognize what I had done wrong. I think it will take a bit of time to teach my body to respond differently, but I am glad to know why things are going wrong! Your positive attitude really encouraged me to keep on trying to improve my handling. I would love to come to any other classes/seminars you hold that are in the area, anything less than 6 hours away!

- Andrea Boucher, Kalamazoo, MI

I wanted to thank you for my lesson this weekend. It struck me as really profound, because it was both technical and as well as about my relationship with Cricket. You are a very good teacher!

- Melissa Johnson, ME

Thanks for all your suggestions, comments, criticisms, encouragement from last Saturday's seminar. I hope to learn more from you soon. The best thing was your are the first instructor I've had who runs a super-fast dog, so I really felt like you understood my situation.

- Kate Carter, Waterbury Center, VT

Anne was excellent, articulate, clear, concise, congenial and she stayed on task. Her courses were challenging, but we broke them down and learned how to handle them in a way that works best for our own teams. Her seminar was well worth the money, and I hope we can get her to come again in the future.

- Kate Carter, Waterbury Center, VT

Your seminar weekend with NOMAD was a huge success. There have been lots of messages on our list – all very positive, wanting to have you return. Thanks again for a wonderful learning experience for NOMADers!

- Lynne von Trapp, Stowe, VT, NOMAD Agility Club

Your input was so very helpful and I'll try to apply it as we continue training. Looking forward to attending another seminar in the future.

- Victoria Snowden, Killingly, CT, SNEAK Agility Club

Congrats to MACH Ski! Anne and Ski make a great team, I know how hard they work! Plus, Anne is always here to help friends and students, I'm glad to be both!

- Ros Arienti, Gray, ME