About Anne Andrle

Anne was introduced to many outdoor sports while growing up in Maine; camping, hiking, canoing, kayaking, hunting, cross-country and downhill skiing. Enamored with the 'rush' of shushing at top speed down steep terrain formed the basis for th e 'Xtreme Agility! name. The name Xtreme Agility! is derived from the sport of Extreme Skiing. Anne's dogs often bear winter or skiing names to mimic her ties to the sport of Extreme Skiing.

Anne grew up with her family's Brittany Spaniels, trained for bird hunting in the coveys of central Maine. Her love of animals eventually extended to the hoofed variety; Anne was an accomplished rider, obtaining her first horse at age 14. Her partnership with animals began with showing Quarter Horses throughout New England, as well as huntseat equitation and 3-phase event competitions as a 5 year member of the University of Connecticut's intercollegiate equestrian team.

Anne's knowledge and skills developed in training and showing horses provided her with a solid foundation in making the transition to competitive dog training and showing. Anne obtained her first dog, Cody, a Border Collie, in 1996 while completing her doctorate at the Medical University of South Carolina. Anne's career as a clinical pharmacist eventually involved relocating to Texas, where the pair competed in flyball, then discovered agility, under the tutelage of Rhonda Carter, a highly successful obedience and agility instructor. Anne and Cody achieved some of the highest agility awards, titles and distinctions in the United States, including national rankings, multiple finalist positions, and competition for membership on the US AKC/FCI Team.

Anne continues to expand her knowledge base in both operant conditioning training techniques as well as agility training and handling, attending multiple seminars and continuing education programs over the years. Anne has since moved back to her home state of Maine, and lives with her 4 Border Collies on 6 acres in the Portland area. Her recent interests include the study of Bikram Yoga, meditation and the use of positive mental training techniques, and combining them in order to master agility handling skills as well as goal achievement.